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"You're my kind of sax player"

 -  Iain Ballamy


Costello is a superbly gifted composer with a songwriter’s ear for melody. UK Jazz News

Julian Costello proved a charming host, introducing the audience to some fine original compositions, and tenor playing of a gentle authority; full of passion, lyricism and invention all delivered with a full and vibrant tone. 2024 Jazz views

"Julian Costello is a sax lyricist, telling his stories of life’s ups and downs with perfect alteration of tone to impart strength, humour and even frailty at times whilst the other players intuitively alter their stances, apart from their solo passages, where their inner nature springs to the fore. 

This is a great album, strong, tenacious in its quality and simply makes a great listen"

Sammie Stein Jazz in Europe

"Costello has his own distinctive voice on tenor and soprano, with inventive but wholesome compositions with melody in abundance, covering a wide variety of idiom and mood."


"All in all, masterfully written and played, elegant and expressive. I'd wholeheartedly recommend giving this a listen".

Bebop Spoken Here

"The quartet does a fine job of interpreting these compositions. The result is an album filled with beauty" All About Jazz

"A saxophonist’s original chamber jazz writing which meanders between wistfulness, adventure and perky mischief.... Costello imbues his instrumental pieces with emotion, space and lyricism"

London Jazz News

“Once in a while, an album like this appears on the horizon, becoming the unputdownable “Earworm” that Costello portrays at the heart of his colourful recording”. Adrian Pallant London Jazz News

“The musical and cultural polarity displayed by this International group from their diverse backgrounds is proof that open music can provide the perfect meeting place to create something unique" Iain Ballamy 

“This is highly melodic music that is readily accessible, but consistently intriguing, and full of rhythmic sophistication. It all makes for a very distinctive album and one that deserves to do well”. Ian Mann.

“The four musicians all have strong and distinctive Individual voices, but the band sound they make together is warm, playful, intimate, intricate, intense and most importantly not boring'. Dave Jones Jazz Journal.

"This is a hugely enjoyable and accomplished album from saxophonist Julian Costello with a set of original compositions that are immediately engaging yet reveal more about themselves and the Quartet with each new hearing … there is so much to enjoy on this album ….what remains with the listener is a sense of having heard something a little different” Nick Lea Jazz Views.

"It's and interesting and at times, quite compelling album" Lance Liddle

"Un très bon saxophoniste britannique.....nous avons trouvé des qualités à son disque. Groupe solide et musique captivante. Culture Jazz  France

Dans le sens de l’écriture nous dira Julian Costello après le concert. Transitions est censé évoquer la vie qui va et se transforme, on trouve exprimés dans la musique du groupe toute la gamme des sentiments : la naïveté et la gaieté de l’enfance, l’inquiétude adolescente, la nostalgie. Mais ce qui prédomine dans cette musique, c’est la joie, joie de jouer ensemble, joie interactive du contact avec le public, joie toute simple d’entendre et de jouer cette musique vivante ou l’humour du compositeur irrigue le jeu des interprètes. Michel Mathias

"What an amazing concert ! You guys were incredible!" Astrid Wonder Jamal 17a7Agency France.

"It's an inventive, good- humored album full of warmth and humanity.....The music encompasses free-form passages, flowing and often romantic melodies, insistent hooks (the lovely "Earworm" isn't the only earworm on this album) and inventive soloing. Bruce Lindsay for All About Jazz

"Its one of those albums which creates it's own mood, an album to listen to from beginning to end....and then come back to it, time after time. Musicianship in service of the music more than the ego". Ken Avis (US Critic)

"The four musicians interact constantly and never play the predictable". Scott Yanow LA Jazz Scene Journal

W swojej twórczości artysta stawia na to, co w muzyce sprawdzało się od wieków – estetyczną linię melodyczną na tle starannego i przemyślanego szkieletu harmonicznego. Marcin Pulawski

"The interplay of the individual players is fabulous" Kind of Jazz

'Julian Costello står fjellstøtt på egne bein" Tor Hammerø

Appealing, warm, enjoyable eloquent" Sandy Brown Jazz

"There's a sense of graceful lyricism, combined with an inner strength, in the playing of tenor and soprano saxophonist Julian Costello........Costello's improvising is carefully crafted, beauifully structured, and mellow.  Beautiful performances, and highly recommended".  John Watson

"This Album is Excellent" Tony Dudley-Evans

"I like your music....great band"   Wolfgang Muthspiel

"Julian is an utterly distinctive saxophonist and composer, bringing a strong sense of melody and warmth to his compositions and playing". Pete Oxley

Julian Costello Quartet has been featured on, Jazzfm, Radio FranceMusique, BBC Radio Devon, BBC Radio Oxford, Jazz Bites Radio, Nevis Radio, Jazz UK Radio, Rivierafm, Jazz London Radio, Jazz Radio Berlin, Radioaetene (Italy), Radio Antidote (US) Solaris Radio, Bayou Blue Radio (France) Art-District Radio (Paris) Polish Radio, Cambridge 105 Radio, EN5Radio and High peaks Radio.


BBC Recorded live

"In session" with Maciek Pysz on guitar Jakub Cywinski on bass and Eric Ford on drums

Radio Aetene
Featured play on Polish Radio Jazz Shows
Some Live Reviews
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