Julian Costello is a London-based musician, composer and teacher.  Julian writes the music for various ensembles and tries to approach life with humour. 

Julian Costello Quartet has released two albums on 33 Jazz Records. Transitions 2017 and Connections 2020.  "Once in a while, an album like this appears on the horizon”.  Adrian Pallant London Jazz News

This International quartet is energetic, melodic and performs with humour. It features some great  musicians in different combinations; Maciek Pysz/ Stefanos Tsourelis on Guitar, Yuri Goloubev/Jakub Cywinski/Dave Jones on Bass , Natalie Rozario on cello, David Beebee on piano and Adam Teixeira/Eric Ford/Sophie Alloway on Drums/Percussion. They play venues in London have toured England  three times with support from The Arts Council of England, and also France, Poland, Germany and Belgium.  Reviews.


Vertigo features Julian on Soprano Sax, Stefanos Tsourelis on Oud/Guitar and Adam Teixeira on Tabla/Percussion. They play a spicy mix of World Music colours and rhythms with a Western approach to improvisation.

Julian is an active teacher who as well as having private students teaches at the jazz School at RHACC.

The critic Sammy Stein wrote for Jazz in Europe; 
" Julian Costello is a sax lyricist, telling his stories of life’s ups and downs with perfect alteration of tone to impart strength, humour and even frailty.

This is a great album, strong, tenacious in its quality and simply makes a great listen"

Julian lives with his family in SW London where he eats far too much Italian food and drinks French red wine.

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Photo by Roger Berthet